How To Use Vacation Rental Web Design To Your Advantage

Website design elements have changed a great deal since the team at RealTech Webmasters started in 2001 and we have noticed a wide range of website design elements that have proliferated and then passed into history in our time. While some website design elements have outstanding staying power, others have come and gone quickly.

Vacation Rental Web Design Trends

Get back on track with these vacation rental web design tips.

For realty and vacation businesses that are looking for ways to take advantage of the latest trends in website design, our teams have found some recent changes in design elements that could offer outstanding results for your business. They include:

    • Large, Hero Images: Using a large, high definition image of your property or location can grab the attention of website visitors’ quickly and effectively. With more and more individuals having access to faster bandwidth, you can load a panamoric, beuaitufl image that can entice site visitors with an amazing image that will help tell your story in a memorable first impression.
    • User-Friendly and Engaging Website Design When you enter a website, do you immediately know where the menu is? Can you locate what you’re searching for in under 3 seconds? Or are you not sure what you want, but see plenty of intriguing images, options, clickable buttons and suggested pages for you to go explore? It takes time and testing to design a website that works for both the user that knows exactly what they want and the user that isn’t quite sure. The most important thing you website needs to be is ENGAGING!
  • Functionality first and foremost: Having a site that functions the way that is supposed to may seem like a given, but with many websites being concerned about form rather than function, bounce rates will indicate the effectiveness of the functionality of your website. Making sure that contact information pages work correctly, that your picture galleries are working properly and most importantly, that your site is mobile friendly can help ensure that visitors who come to your page are able to find.

Contact RealTech Webmasters to help you gain more leads with your website to put it to work for you. We can give you options, ideas and marketing plans specifically geared to your vacation or real estate business to help maximize your business potential.

Less is More: Why Website Design Simplicity Matters

Simplistic website design doesn’t mean that your site has to be boring. Design simplicity just means that the developer removes unnecessary information, so that the most important content is highlighted. This improves the user experience, which is the ultimate goal.

schemmel real estate web design

There are 3 benefits to simpler design:

  • Faster Load Time: The less a site has to load the quicker the content can load. Load times are key to keeping the user engaged with your website, so it’s imperative that content load in milliseconds in order to keep their attention, which is the benefit of a simpler design.  With more users connecting through mobile devices and cellular networks, fast load times become even more important.
  • Easier to Navigate: Most users know what they want before a site even loads. With a simple design, all options will be readily available and viewable from the site’s home page. This means a user will probably stay on your site longer, which increases the chances of them purchasing your service or products.
  • Easier to Debug: A simple design means a simpler code, which means any bugs in the design are easier to locate and fix. The more complicated the website design, the more difficult it is to locate the issue. Being able to debug a site quickly is important to maintaining a high quality user experience.

Take a moment to evaluate your company’s current website and determine how long it takes you to find what you want and if your load times are sufficient with a friendly user experience. If you think it might be time to make a change, contact RealTech. We can provide you with the best website for your customers and help you develop a design that conveys your company’s mission while keeping in mind the customers’ needs.