How to Re-size a Group of Photos with Picasa

As web marketers we are aware of how important photos are to online engagement. A great photo goes a long way and a bunch of them may be priceless, but how can website managers avoid the labor intensive task of re-sizing a batch of images for web use? This process is actually relatively simple so follow these steps and learn how using Google Picasa can help you with photo management and editing.

  1. Organize the batch of images you are wanting to re-size. An obvious first step but organization is key when managing photos. I recommend placing your batch images in a separate folder for easy use in Picasa.
  2. Do you have the Google image tool Picasa? If not, go ahead and download/install it here. Picasa is a free tool from Google and great for managing and editing photos as you are about to discover. If you have just downloaded Picasa it may take a few moments to the software to find your images and transfer them to the organizer.
  3. picasa download_500

  4. Once you have Picasa installed, select the images you wish to re-size. Picasa will display them as you select them in the image found in the left corner. After selecting the images, click on the export button seen below.
  5. photo selection_500

  6. After you click export a window will appear. In this window you will adjust the image size according to your specifications and needs. Adjust the image size using the slider or by entering the specific value in the box provided. Property photos going into RNS software are limited to 150 KB file size, so start out with a 900 pixel width to keep your files below this limit. You can experiment with the size that works best for your application, but 900 pixel width keeps most images below 150 KB total file size. Important note: this 900 pixel number corresponds to the WIDTH of the images – the height will set itself automatically to keep the correct image ratio.

    Next, in the drop down box next to image quality, as highlighted below with a red arrow, make sure to select minimum quality. Also, make note to select the export location in the top field of the window box. This will determine where your selected images will be sent once re-sized.

  7. screen shot

  8. After you have made your size adjustments, hit export, and the requested dimensions will be applied to all of the images that were initially selected. While this process may take from either a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the batch size, once finished your newly re-sized images will be saved in the destination folder you selected.

You now know how to re-size a group of photos using Picasa! Try it out a few times to familiarize yourself with the steps.