How the Online Buying Experience Will Change in 2015

The customer experience has grown increasingly complex in recent years as consumers are relying on the internet for a user-friendly buying experience. In a constantly connected world, businesses must find a way to create a dynamic, web-based shopping platform that stays current with online trends.

Here are a few ways online purchasing will change in 2015:

1. Mobile purchasing: Consumers have been buying items online for years, but e-commerce has seen a significant shift towards mobile purchasing with smart phones and tablets. According to IBM’s Smarter Commerce report, over half of online traffic during the 2014 Thanksgiving shopping season was attributed to a mobile device. In 2015, this trend will continue to grow as consumers will demand ease of purchase for, not only items, but experiences as well. When it comes to your vacation rental or tourism website, be sure your site is optimized so that users can book their vacation from start to finish on a mobile device.

2. Research: Now more than ever before, consumers are taking their time with purchases by researching all available options beforehand. Internet-savvy buyers often Google the vacation spots they are visiting and read numerous reviews before making a decision. The amount of research increases significantly when someone is actually purchasing a property. This year, businesses will have to ensure their website is a hub for all necessary information sought out by potential customers – including reviews, price comparisons, and detailed pictures.

3. Social commerce: In 2015, you will see more consumers using social platforms for information regarding products and services. To keep up with this demand, businesses need to integrate sales promotions through social networking channels. Through different social media sites, businesses can increase buying interest by posting pictures of new homes or vacation rental properties, seasonal deals, or a “things to do” list for visitors.

As ever-changing e-commerce trends take over in the New Year, don’t let your website fall flat. At RealTech Services, it is our job to stay on top of website optimization trends so we can develop your site into a solid lead generation and sales tool for your business. If your site needs a redesign in 2015, contact us today.