Getting the Most Out of Your Website with Content Marketing

If you’ve spent countless hours researching and crafting the ideal real estate or travel & tourism web content, now’s the time to make sure leads will be able to find, access and share it. There’s no point in creating website copy if it’s not marketed to foster new business, which puts a heavy emphasis on cross promotion.

Getting the Most Out of Website with Content Marketing

Working as web developers in the vacation rental industry, we frequently see the positive impact businesses experience when effort is placed on cross promotion. If you want to get more out of your web copy, here are three tactics to consider:

Get Connected Through Social Media

One of the best ways to cross-promote website content is through social media platforms. With a large number of platforms available, promoting via social media allows for diverse approaches to content sharing. Post your blog updates on Twitter with a link and hashtags, or include a link to a video announcement on Facebook.  Sharing on social media allows you to capitalize on opportunities for engagement, while embracing a simple cross-promotional technique.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even Snapchat are valuable tools for engaging with customers where they’re most active, but care is needed to actually influence action. This is especially important for real estate agents who, statistically speaking, have a difficult time engaging with people on social media. While images of properties are vital, context is critical and if you’re not cross promoting the heavy details from your website on social media, you’re not giving your potential customers what they’re asking for. For image dependent platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest, try turning listings into infographics with full details so that consumers will want to visit your website and contact you for a viewing.

Syndication & Content Sharing

Creating a partnership with a local organization, a national brand, or an industry influencer is a smart investment to build traction for your website copy. For example, working with a local chamber of commerce to cross promote your vacation rental company can expand your customer base by extending the social reach of your content. Anytime you have a special promotion, ask the chamber to share the campaign. By doing the same for them in return, you’ll come off as a much more humanistic brand.

Pushing your content out to third-party sites (content syndication) can be a valuable way to attract a new audience or more readers. Websites such as Outbrain or Taboola are content hubs and good solutions for cross-promotion. If your goal is to boost website traffic, include just a headline or paragraph on the content syndication site, then provide a link where readers can access the remaining content, which will drive traffic to your site.

Every piece of marketing material you distribute, internally and externally, is an opportunity to promote your website and its content. Including links to your website on brochures and business cards will increase web traffic, while reproducing posts in newsletters and white papers allows you to easily cross-promote content with hyperlinks.

Email Marketing

If you wrote a great piece of web content, share it using email marketing. Real estate agents typically see a nearly two percent click-through rate for email newsletters, making it a fast and easy way to drive extra traffic to your website. By pairing content that informs instead of sells with powerful imagery or videos, you’re more likely to incite engagement with your list of potential leads.

Repurpose your website content and link back to its origin on your site. The easier you make it for people to get the information they want, the greater the likelihood of them taking the next step in visiting your website. Maximize your current promotional tools to drive website traffic to the content pages that your company values most.

Make Sure Your Website Is Worth It

You can’t simply create content and hope people will stumble across it. Distributing your content through multiple channels ensures it reaches a maximum number of readers, while increasing website traffic, establishing your business as an industry expert, and ultimately generating leads. While cross-promotion will drive web traffic, keeping those visitors on your page requires that you first ensure your site is useful and visually stimulating.

Make sure your website won’t immediately lose the customers you worked hard to send there. If your website is visually distracting, hard to navigate, or doesn’t deliver on the promise or product you advertised, then you need a website update. To find out if your site is up to the task of turning visitors into leads, contact us today.