Four Online Marketing Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Business

Today, online marketing for the real estate industry is bigger than ever. While agents still benefit from word-of-mouth and referrals, 92 percent of homebuyers now find agents via the internet. If your business isn’t using online tools to market properties, you’re falling behind the competition.

As web designers, we work with real estate clients to build sites that complement their properties, agents and dedication to customer satisfaction, helping them determine which online marketing strategies are the best fit. Here are four of our top online marketing tips to improve your real estate business:

  1. Create compelling content: From listings to your “about us” page, every piece of content on your site needs to grab the user’s attention. Take the time to develop listings with keywords that make readers click, while also meeting Fair Housing Act advertising standards. For your business, tell a story of your agents, their experience and your entire company’s passion for real estate.
  2. Capture web leads first: If you have an email list of customers, enhance it by creating a lead capture tool for your website. We recommend a front and center “subscribe” box on your homepage so that you can consistently and automatically build your email list.
  3. Try videos: If you’re already taking pictures of properties to market them online, take it one step further by capturing videos. You can use free mobile apps like Instagram, Hyperlapse or even Periscope to showcase buildings in a way that will captivate homeowners more than still images alone.
  4. Go mobile: Mobile internet use is now greater than desktop and other media, and if your business doesn’t have a responsive website, search engines will rank your site lower in search results. Make sure your site and your email campaigns adapt to all devices and screen sizes. If they don’t, now is the time to update your site to ensure you’ll continue to rank well in relation to your competitors.

By implementing these online marketing tactics, your real estate business can be enhanced to stay ahead of the competition. To get started, contact us today.