Content Marketing Basics for Real Estate Businesses

If you think your properties sell themselves, think again. Eighty percent of all home buyers are searching online and 83 percent want to see pictures of the property online. This growing demand means content marketing should be a top priority for your real estate business so you can capture more leads online and through social media.

As webmasters, we’ve played close attention to how online marketing is affecting the real estate industry, and realize the importance of content marketing. We also understand that it’s not as easy to grasp and execute as you might think. To help, here are some real estate content marketing basics for your business:

  • Determine your keywords: To get started, you need to understand how leads find your properties online. By writing out a list of words and phrases with local tags and relevant keywords, you can begin working with your webmaster to determine both your top keywords, and their search ranking. This will help you craft content that captures the top terms being searched for by consumers.
  • Fill your website with content: Once the keywords are established, you can begin to fill your website with compelling content that’s fluid, entertaining, informative and interactive. It’s important to view your content as a campfire – something everyone can contribute to, including your clients. Create blogs that discuss the area’s real estate market or a video tour of your top five most interesting houses. It’s also important to craft special content that focuses on your top keywords.
  • Use newsletters: When handling email blasts, there’s a fine balance between pushy and effective. Keeping things short, different, and on schedule can create a great moment of engagement for clients. Consider sending digital post cards highlighting properties or video tours. It’s also important to have a contact list that’s centralized and flexible so you’re always reaching your loyal referrals and new leads at the same time.
  • Track your efforts: When getting started with content marketing, it’s important to be patient with your efforts but you need to track the ROI of each campaign to reduced wasted effort and lost leads. If you don’t, you may end up writing blogs for no one. A webmaster can help you track traffic to determine where leads are coming from.

With these tips in mind, you can craft content marketing campaigns that work for your real estate business. However, if your website can’t capture inbound leads, your efforts can be all for naught. To learn more and ensure your site is as powerful as your marketing, contact us today.