Client Testimonial – Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties

For those in the vacation and rental property industry, finding effective ways to reach new customers online can be difficult. Combined with the daily management and upkeep of their offerings, there is often not enough time in the day to promote your properties. If you need assistance in creating and managing your brand online to drive customer action, the team at RealTech Webmasters can help you create outstanding website designs and online marketing programs designed to reach your target customers.

Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties of Siesta Key, Florida, works with RealTech Webmasters to manage their website and all aspects of their online marketing. We spoke with Adam Mott of Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties to learn more about the success that he has found working with RealTech.

What led you to work with RealTech?

Adam Mott: Our existing website was not working as well as we had hoped, so we reached out to RealTech early in 2016. The software that we use is linked directly to a company that spoke highly of them. There is a small community of similar businesses in our area from St. Petersburg down to Ft. Myers and when I talked to other owners, they had great things to say about RealTech. We needed an online design and marketing partner that could assist us with SEO, social media and our website and we found that with them.

How has your experience been?

Adam Mott: One of the best aspects of working with RealTech is the service that we get from Chris, Drew, Heather and Bill. If we need a change or a tweak, they get it done quickly. Everyone at RealTech facilitates everything fast; we constantly are changing our specials to reach different markets. From photography to offering ways to make our site better, we have been impressed with the work that has been done on our behalf from RealTech.

Have you been able to track results?

Adam Mott: We have been excited about the results that we have seen, because we are able to have a wealth of trackable data from the work that RealTech has done. Our traffic numbers continue to increase, our Facebook page has over 10,000 likes in 8 months and the Google campaigns that we have done are showing outstanding results as well. We have also received great feedback from our owners about the work that is being done on their behalf as well.

What makes your property different?

Adam Mott: The different styles that you can choose from is the big difference for us. On our property, you can find bungalows, studios, studio suites, bedroom suites and boutique style rooms. We are also different because we offer a unique customer experience where you can book a specific room from the website that we created with RealTech. Unlike a box hotel where you can get an idea of what you will be staying in, you can actually choose the room that you will be in.

We also offer single family homes, houses ranging from 2 to 8 bedrooms that have been renovated to take advantage of our community in Siesta Key. The atmosphere here is amazing, because it is more like a mini Duval Street and Key West with the number of shops, restaurants and bars along Ocean Boulevard.

Another way that RealTech has helped us define who we are is through the different ways they have helped us promote our Adventure Tiki Center. We partner with an outdoor activity company that sets up on the property, which allows our guests to take advantage of outdoor activities, cruises, kayaks, outdoor rentals, inflatable rock wall, biplane tours and more. It really makes our property unique and RealTech has helped us to promote it well.

What do you see as your next steps in promoting your property?

Adam Mott: We are planning on building on our current success by expanding our existing online marketing campaigns with RealTech. We are going to have more single family homes available soon, grow our number of outside owners and build on our growth. We have already talked with RealTech about adding more to our blog, adding video marketing and using them to create more photos and videos of the experience you have when you stay on our property. They will be a big component of our growth with our email marketing campaigns and social media outlets as well.

The team at RealTech webmasters is grateful to Adam Mott of Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties for working with us and for sharing how we have been able to assist their growth. If you would like more information on how we can help you achieve your goals and drive revenue for your vacation and rental property locations, contact RealTech Webmasters for information on our online marketing programs and website design services!