Client Testimonial – Ocean Gallery Properties Inc.

Times continue to change for the vacation and rental property industry. As more competition grows and the internet continues to be the dominant platform for reservations, companies can fall behind without expertise in social media and digital marketing.

That’s where companies like RealTech Services can make the difference between companies being drowned out in social media noise and being successfully promoted to potential clients.

We spoke with Lea Boyd of Ocean Gallery Properties Inc. to learn more about how RealTech has turned her company’s digital marketing around in just three months.

the ocean gallery

Can you tell me a little about your business?

Lea Boyd: Overall, we are a condominium complex. We’re a mixed community. We have residents who live here year-round and we have part-time residents and vacation rentals. In the winter season, we are very popular because of the snowbirds. Almost 75 percent of our guests come for multiple months. We’re a very popular property, very private and secure.

We are a gated community, so the security is a big part of it. I feel also that when you have a big vacation rental company that owns several different properties under management companies, they just don’t deliver that feeling of uniqueness. We don’t allow outside management companies. Here at Ocean Gallery, we’re not a resort, but we have an almost resort feel. When families come for a week, they can definitely stay here, enjoy the beach, enjoy the condominiums and the amenities and not go anywhere if they don’t want to.

How did you find RealTech?

Lea Boyd: We used one software for reservations for a long time. When we changed to an all-in-one package, we didn’t have much control. In 2015, we lost a lot of global presence and online presence because of the change.

We’ve had some big struggles and were forced to hire an outside marketing company that was associated with the software. They got our marketing position at least to a beginning stage, but then we had to switch the software because it didn’t work for us.

We compared RealTech to other companies. We just realized that distance does matter. We wanted to go more local and RealTech is a local Florida company and really fit our requirements. We needed someone who can not only take care of our website and SEO, but we also needed help with social media marketing because we learned that was a hard, new thing. We just don’t have anybody in our office who can really do it as efficiently as RealTech can.

How was your experience with RealTech?

Lea Boyd: The software transition and the way everything was changed over was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and this was number five for me in my 11 years working for this company.

This was really easy. It just took a couple of emails to get it taken care of. Our relationship is on a great level. I have to say it was really painless, and it did not cause us any negative outcome.

It was all about the marketing program and plan they helped us to create. It was really incredible. We had almost no online booking in the first three months of 2016. We’ve had almost 150 bookings in the first three months of 2017.

The change is great and working with them is really a breeze. You can communicate with them. They just seem like a group of people who care and who are efficient and knowledgeable. They know the market and work with enough vacation rental management companies through Florida that they can definitely take that knowledge and employ it and help us out. They’ve been really supportive.

What are you planning for 2017?

Having RealTech as the new relationship with our business, of course. The marketing plan that we are on for this year, it’s a plan that RealTech helped us build. They actually came out to Ocean Gallery and spent a couple of days with us. They learned about Ocean Gallery and St. Augustine to be able to target the right people to set our plan in the right direction.

We’re increasing email marketing, increasing Facebook and social media. Also, we have been talking about doing different videos and doing a blog for the website. They are continuing to increase our Facebook presence and visibility and likes each month. Hopefully, we’ll be able to work with RealTech in the later part of this year for something exciting for 2018.

The team at RealTech Services is grateful to Lea Boyd of Ocean Gallery Properties Inc. for working with us and for sharing how we have been able to assist their growth. If you would like more information on how we can help you achieve your goals and drive revenue for your vacation and rental property locations, contact RealTech Services for information on our online marketing programs and website design services!