Client Testimonial: Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat

Not every vacation rental business wants to simply order stock internet marketing services off a menu. The most creative business people want to be engaged in the process. In addition to providing website design support and social media marketing, RealTech Services can provide a launching pad for those clients who want the flexibility to create and participate in a more personal manner.

We spoke with Keren ten Haaf of Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat to learn more about how RealTech has helped give her company a solid base for its website presence and social media strategy while allowing it the flexibility to innovate.

Can you tell me a little about your business?

We manage vacation rentals down on Anna Maria Island in Florida. We’re a one-stop shop. Most of the rentals are owned and managed by us. Anything we can do on our own, we do. Moving to the island led to the fulfillment of our dream to run our own business. It has been an exciting education to be a part of all aspects of Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat vacation rentals including construction projects, laundry, and landscaping.

When did you choose RealTech? How was your experience?

It was right around when our business started in 2012. We needed a website built. It’s been really good. They are very responsive. They let me do what I want to do. For a while, I wanted to do the blogging, but they were willing to pick it up afterward. They are always a good help for us when we’re in the middle of something — whether it be about Facebook or the different email communications we’re sending out.

The guys who help with the social media side of it have always been good about communication and answering any questions I have.

How have your results been?

The results have been really good. We’re getting more and more organic growth from our website. We have moved up significantly in the search results after starting from nothing.

What makes your business different?

In the last 10 years, the vacation rental market on Anna Maria Island has been growing and becoming more professional as opposed to being a smaller community just having houses for rent. We’re on the cusp of setting the tone for how that works. We’ve brought some professionalism to the industry that I hadn’t seen at some of the companies on the island originally.

We work with a smaller number of rentals — we have 21 – and try to be do everything as personally as possible. My husband is hands-on in all areas of the business. We’ve build the company hands-on as owners. We are able to really ensure that the quality control is where it should be and our rentals are consistently clean, landscaping is up to date, and we can keep it top-notch all the time.

What are you planning for 2017?

In 2017, we’ve been focusing on videos as opposed to just posting pictures. We have a couple of professional videos we’ve been working on. One is behind the scenes. Another one is an island-themed video that showcases Anna Maria Island. We’re getting more into videography.

RealTech has been really good as far as supporting that. They’ve taken the videos we’ve already created and pushed them onto our website. We like to play around with things, and they support that.

RealTech has been really good at not saying it’s all or nothing (for providing services). They’ve really been eager to help us to do those type of creatives things. That’s what I really appreciated when I wanted to do the blogging and when I set up the emails. If I say, I’d like to try my hand at that, they’re really helpful.

The RealTech staff has come by and visited us. They’ve visited our rentals. They seem to want to really make sure they know who we are and what we do. We really appreciate that. They’ve been really hands-on. That’s been really great.

The team at RealTech Services is grateful to Keren ten Haaf for sharing how we have been able to assist their growth with social media marketing and building a website. If you would like more information on how we can help, contact RealTech Services today.