Cart Abandonment – How to Leverage Email to Close More Bookings

A guest browses your vacation rental website, finds a rental, arrives at the checkout page, and then leaves without booking. Sound familiar? It happens on every vacation rental website, including yours.

This process is called cart abandonment and is a common challenge faced by vacation rental managers. According to our research, vacation rental websites experience an average cart abandonment rate of somewhere between 60 to 80%. As a rental manager, this means you have an opportunity to grow direct booking revenue and improve your return on investment.

While it’s impossible to completely stop cart abandonment, RealTech has identified new strategies and tactics to help recapture some of those lost bookings and improve your bottom line.

Drive more online bookings with Cart Abandonment from RealTech marketing

After analyzing abandonment trends over the past year, our marketing team prioritized developing a better solution for clients. As a result, RealTech now offers one of the most effective cart abandonment packages in the rental industry. 

Utilizing a series of email campaigns, you can reach out to guests who have started the checkout process but abandoned it before completing their reservation. We create follow-up emails designed to reflect your brand and proven to convert more online bookings. Our cart abandonment service includes active management of a series of email campaigns with regular A/B testing to improve performance.

These highly customized email campaigns are an efficient way to connect with users, drive them back to your website, and recapture online bookings. 

conversion funnel

How it works:

  1. Twenty minutes after a user abandons their cart, they receive a reminder email.
  2. One day after abandoning checkout, they receive an additional email only if they did not book after opening the first email.
  3. Five days after, the third and final email is delivered, encouraging them to visit your website. Again, this email is only sent if the guest doesn’t checkout in the meantime.

This service only takes two weeks to launch, including design, implementation and testing. Keep in mind that this is a collaborative process, and you will approve all email campaign designs before implementation.

Don’t take our word for it. See the results! 

This service is proven to increase direct bookings and provides a positive return on your overall marketing investment.

Here are the average results:

  • 17% conversion rate resulting in a booking
  • 41% open rate
  • $7 return on every $1 invested
recovery statistics

Next steps 

Want to see how this could help your business? Realtech Webmasters offers a free cart abandonment analysis to determine your current cart abandonment rate and discuss our recommended solution.

Contact us to learn more about our cart abandonment email services, and let us help you get the results you want!