Can Email Marketing Boost Your Vacation Rental Business?

Contrary to some beliefs, email marketing isn’t dead – it has only evolved. Eighty-nine percent of marketing professionals still use the email marketing to capture and secure leads, but instead of blocks of text and constant updates, visual stimulation and strategic timing is today’s focus.

Email Marketing

For vacation rental companies, email can be a powerful tool to get more booked reservations and referrals. As webmasters focused in this industry, we frequently help clients develop and execute email marketing that works. Here are four ways how:

  • Inform: Vacationers will on average visit 38 websites before making a decision on where they’ll be going. Because of the research heavy process, it’s imperative that you inform your contacts, instead of hard sell them, on your vacation property. Offer facts and figures on the local community, area attractions, pricing and accommodations, and anything else potential customers would want to know.
  • Stimulate: Images are notorious for creating action with email marketing, so use them and use them often. Whenever your property gets updated, take a picture and send an email. Whenever there’s a picturesque moment, i.e. a vibrant sunset background for your beachside property, snap a picture and send it to your leads. You can also try asking your customers for permission to use their vacation photos as marketing tools to show relatable imagery.
  • Incentivize: There’s no harm in offering a little incentive with email marketing, so promote and do it often. Try seasonal messages and send them with enough lead time to capture would-be travelers before they decide to take a stay-cation instead. Placing a time limit on the promotion can also help encourage action.
  • Showcase: If you have happy vacationers, let them tell the story of your business and then encourage others to do the same. Newsletters with a few customer testimonials – especially in video form – are a great way to capture referral leads and encourage engagement. Other previous visitors might also be inclined to share their stories as well, letting you take advantage of unbiased opinions.
  • Creating a compelling email marketing campaign that works for your vacation rental business doesn’t have to be difficult, it simply needs to be strategic. To find out how your business can send out lead capturing emails, contact us at RealTech Services today.