5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Pay-Per-Clicks

Pay-per-click is an effective way to drive traffic to your website – if it’s done correctly. This form of online advertising allows companies to create an ad – and only pay for it when someone clicks on the ad. A company will typically use a keyword phrase that’s relevant to its industry or market, and incorporate that into the ad so it shows up in search results.

But before creating a PPC ad, you need to know the best ways to optimize it. Zoolstra recently listed some of the best ways to turbocharge your PPC campaign. Here are our five tips for getting the most out of your pay-per-click campaign:

  1. Choose the Correct Keywords: Selecting the correct keywords for your campaign is essential to its success. You want to drive customers to your page and encourage them to buy from your company. So how do you do that? Think about what terms you might use to search for a business in your industry, then keep a list of keywords that pertain directly to your target audience.
  2. Variation is Key, Initially: You won’t know if your audience responds better to text, video or image ads until you try each one. Test out all the options and see which ones give you the best click rates. Then, you can narrow it down to what works best for your target audience.
  3. Navigation: It is of utmost importance to ensure that your keywords match up with their landing pages. Create landing pages, if they don’t exist, for some of your keywords. The fewer the clicks a customer has to make, the more likely they are to buy something – and the greater the chance of revenue for you.
  4. Ad Language Matters: “Spammy” language – for example “Click Here Now!!” – hurts your campaign. Google won’t allow it, so don’t use it. Be up front about what your ad is about. You want people to be satisfied when they click on your ad, not frustrated because it isn’t relevant to the text.
  5. Create Keyword Groups: Once you’ve figured out the best keywords for your audience, create groups of keywords. This will reduce your cost per click, because you know to target a specific ad about a specific product or service to a select set of keywords. By not targeting your entire keyword list, you also improve your quality score.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are great for geo-targeting specific services. RealTech Services can provide search optimization and PPC campaign consultation.